Mission Statement

Almost Home 4ever is a non-profit, all volunteer animal rescue dedicated to rescuing animals in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.  Our small rescue’s mission is to save, foster, and find forever homes for companion animals.  We rescue animals from all types of situations –  from high kill shelters that are at risk of euthanasia, animals given up by their owners due to difficult and unforeseen circumstances, animals being abused or neglected which most of the time require medical treatment, and those found on the street.

We assist animals that are in distress regardless of age, breed, or the time it may take to place them in a forever home.  The animals that find their way to our rescue are spayed and neutered, provided medical care,  and are given a lot of comfort, love, and attention.

We place the animals in wonderful, loving foster homes until their forever home is found.  We work on finding committed and loving homes for our animals by following a thorough adoption process that includes educating potential adopters on the requirements needed for proper animal care as well as making sure the potential home is an adequate fit for the animal’s needs.

Almost Home 4ever works cooperatively with animal shelters and other rescue groups in the community towards our common goal of saving animals’ lives.  In conjunction with this, we work on educating the public about the advantages of adopting pets from shelters and rescue organizations, and the need for spaying and neutering.   A safe and loving home for every pet is our goal.